Honeywell VISTA-128BPT Commercial Burglary Alarm Control Panel

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The VISTA-128BPT is a sleek, sophisticated, commercial alarm panel that seamlessly integrates burglary, CCTV, and access control functions in one device.
The control panel supports up to 127 wireless zones and 96 programmable outputs. Partitioning technology gives users the option of establishing up to 8 independent areas of security, with their own user codes, all from the same panel.

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Voltage Input: From Honeywell No. 1361 Plug-In Transformer or 1361X10 transformer (for X-10 installations) rated 16.5VAC, 40 VA

Use 1361CN plug-in transformer for Canada

Alarm Sounder Output: 10VDC-13.8VDC, 1.7 amps max., (UL1023, UL609 installations); 750mA less aux. current draw (UL985 installations)

Auxiliary Power Output: 9.6VDC-13.8VDC, 750mA max. For UL installations, the accessories connected to the output must be UL Listed, and rated to operate in the above voltage range

Backup Battery: 12VDC, 4AH or 7AH sealed-lead acid. YUASA NP4-12 (12V, 4AH) or NP7-12 (12V, 7AH) recommended

Standby Time: Four hours min. with 750mA aux. load using 7AH battery

Cabinet Dimensions: 12-1/2″ W X 14 1/2″ H X 3″ D


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