Yamaha XDA-QS5400RK Multi-Room Streaming Amplifier

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Yamaha Multi-Room Streaming Amplifier XDA-QS5400RK Specially designed for custom integration of whole home audio systems, the Quad Streamer provides four zones of audio streaming and eight channels of high-performance audio amplification in an ultra-slim, 1U-high, rack-mountable enclosure.

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Yamaha Multi-Room Streaming Amplifier XDA-QS5400RK Designed for custom integration

Music Cast multi-room audio system connected via Ethernet LAN in a rack or cabinet

Streams four zones of audio per unit

Expandable to 32 zones with simultaneous playback in linked groups of up to 20 zones each

Eight channels of audiophile-grade Class D amplification assignable to any zone.

Bridgeable and 4-ohm capable, featuring a unique ground loop hum-free circuit design.


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