Yamaha NS-5000LEFT Flagship Bookshelf Speaker

32,200 د.إ

Yamaha Flagship Bookshelf Speaker NS-5000LEFT is a Yamaha’s flagship 3-way bookshelf speaker system, setting a new standard in performance and quality by which all other Hi-Fi speakers should be judged.

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Yamaha Flagship Bookshelf Speaker NS-5000LEFT offers Newly developed diaphragms boast acoustic velocity comparable to that of beryllium

Newly developed R.S. (Resonance Suppression) Chambers suppress unwanted resonance in the mid and high ranges

30 cm (12”) 3-way bookshelf design draws on the tradition of the legendary NS-1000M

Carefully crafted laminated plywood enclosure made of Japanese white birch from the island of Hokkaido

Newly developed Acoustic Absorber eliminates sound-absorbing material to revive the original presence of the music


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